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jpl::fli::Prolog Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This class consists only of constants (static finals) and static native methods. The constants and methods defined herein are in (almost) strict 1-1 correspondence with the functions in the Prolog FLI by the same name (except without the PL_, SQ_, etc. prefixes).

See the file jpl_fli_Prolog.c for the native implementations of these methods. Refer to your local Prolog FLI documentations for the meanings of these methods, and observe the following:

<menu> The types and signatures of the following methods are almost in 1-1 correspondence with the Prolog FLI. The Prolog types term_t, atom_t, functor_t, etc. are mirrored in this package with classes by the same name, making the C and Java uses of these interfaces similar. As term_t, functor_t, etc. types are Java classes, they are passed to these methods by value; however, calling these methods on such class instances does have side effects. In general, the value fields of these instances will be modified, in much the same way the term_t, functor_t, etc. Prolog instances would be modified. The exceptions to this rule occur when maintaining the same signature would be impossible, e.g., when the Prolog FLI functions require pointers; in this case, the signatures have been modified to take *Holder classes (Int, Double, String, etc.), to indicate a call by reference parameter. Functions which take variable-length argument lists in C take arrays in Java; from Java 1.1 onwards, anonymous arrays can be used e.g. Term[] { new Atom("a"), new Atom ("b") } </menu>

Copyright (C) 1998 Fred Dushin

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Library Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Library Public License for more details.

Fred Dushin <fadushin@syr.edu>

Definition at line 79 of file Prolog.java.

Static Public Member Functions

static native int action_abort ()
static native String atom_chars (atom_t a)
static native int attach_engine (engine_t e)
static native engine_t attach_pool_engine ()
static native boolean call (term_t t, module_t m)
static native boolean call_predicate (module_t m, int debug, predicate_t pred, term_t t0)
static native void close_foreign_frame (fid_t cid)
static native void close_query (qid_t qid)
static native int compare (term_t t1, term_t t2)
static native void cons_functor_v (term_t h, functor_t fd, term_t a0)
static native void cons_list (term_t l, term_t h, term_t t)
static native module_t context ()
static native term_t copy_term_ref (term_t from)
static native engine_t current_engine ()
static native boolean current_engine_is_pool ()
static native void cut_query (qid_t qid)
static native void discard_foreign_frame (fid_t cid)
static native term_t exception (qid_t qid)
static native int functor_arity (functor_t f)
static native atom_t functor_name (functor_t f)
static native String[] get_actual_init_args ()
static native boolean get_arg (int index, term_t t, term_t a)
static native boolean get_atom (term_t t, atom_t a)
static native boolean get_atom_chars (term_t t, StringHolder a)
static native String get_c_lib_version ()
static native String[] get_default_init_args ()
static native boolean get_float (term_t t, DoubleHolder d)
static native boolean get_functor (term_t t, functor_t f)
static native boolean get_integer (term_t t, IntHolder i)
static native boolean get_jboolean (term_t t, BooleanHolder b)
static native boolean get_jref (term_t t, ObjectHolder obj)
static native boolean get_module (term_t t, module_t module)
static native boolean get_name_arity (term_t t, StringHolder name, IntHolder arity)
static native boolean get_pointer (term_t t, PointerHolder ptr)
static native boolean get_string_chars (term_t t, StringHolder s)
static native void halt (int status)
static native boolean initialise ()
static native boolean is_atom (term_t t)
static native boolean is_atomic (term_t t)
static native boolean is_compound (term_t t)
static native boolean is_float (term_t t)
static native boolean is_functor (term_t t, functor_t f)
static native boolean is_integer (term_t t)
static native boolean is_number (term_t t)
static native boolean is_variable (term_t t)
static native atom_t module_name (module_t module)
static native atom_t new_atom (String s)
static native functor_t new_functor (atom_t f, int a)
static native module_t new_module (atom_t name)
static native term_t new_term_ref ()
static native term_t new_term_refs (int n)
static native boolean next_solution (qid_t qid)
static native fid_t open_foreign_frame ()
static native qid_t open_query (module_t m, int flags, predicate_t pred, term_t t0)
static native int pool_engine_id (engine_t e)
static native predicate_t pred (functor_t f, module_t m)
static native predicate_t predicate (String name, int arity, String module)
static native int predicate_info (predicate_t pred, atom_t name, IntHolder arity, module_t module)
static native void put_atom (term_t t, atom_t a)
static native void put_float (term_t t, double f)
static native void put_functor (term_t t, functor_t functor)
static native void put_integer (term_t t, long i)
static native void put_jboolean (term_t t, boolean b)
static native void put_jref (term_t t, Object ref)
static native void put_jvoid (term_t t)
static native void put_pointer (term_t t, PointerHolder ptr)
static native void put_term (term_t t1, term_t t2)
static native void put_variable (term_t t)
static native int release_pool_engine ()
static native void reset_term_refs (term_t r)
static native boolean set_default_init_args (String argv[])
static native int strip_module (term_t in, module_t m, term_t out)
static native int term_type (term_t t)
static native int thread_self ()
static native void unregister_atom (atom_t a)

Static Public Attributes

static final int ATOM = 2
static final int BUF_DISCARDABLE = 0x0000
static final int BUF_MALLOC = 0x0200
static final int BUF_RING = 0x0100
static final int COMPOUND = 6
static final int CVT_ALL = 0x00ff
static final int CVT_ATOM = 0x0001
static final int CVT_FLOAT = 0x0010
static final int CVT_INTEGER = 0x0008
static final int CVT_LIST = 0x0004
static final int CVT_NUMBER = (CVT_INTEGER | CVT_FLOAT)
static final int CVT_STRING = 0x0002
static final int CVT_VARIABLE = 0x0020
static final int fail = 0
static final int FLOAT = 4
static final int INTEGER = 3
static final int JBOOLEAN = 101
static final int JREF = 102
static final int JVOID = 103
static final int Q_CATCH_EXCEPTION = 0x08
static final int Q_NODEBUG = 0x04
static final int Q_NORMAL = 0x02
static final int Q_PASS_EXCEPTION = 0x10
static final int STRING = 5
static final int succeed = 1
static final int TERM = 6
static final int VARIABLE = 1

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

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